Video Distribution

Unified reports deliver a universal view into third-party distribution channels and app stores

Unified Reports

No more logging in to multiple systems, cobbling together reports

App Store Payments

No more guesswork about payments received & future payments

App Store Insights

Insights into what’s working and what is not with app store partners

An Easy Decision to Adopt

Adopting the Distribution page in the Wicket Scorecard is an easy decision for media companies who are running direct-to-consumer SVoD services which leverage third-party app stores as part of their strategy. There are two really big reasons.

  1. It saves time.
    Teams don’t have to log into various accounts and pull data from them to try to make sense of relative performance.
  2. See important insights that are otherwise hard to see
    See when and how much you’re going to be paid
    See relative performance highly contextualized
    Understand and make decisions about the partnerships used to build your business

Third-Party Distribution Channels

Some media companies leverage third-party app stores and distribution channels to manage promotion and subscriptions for their direct-to-consumers SVoD services. Stores like

  • Apple App Store (formerly iTunes)
  • Google Play
  • and the Amazon Channel Store

Leveraging these stores can be a great part of a direct-to-consumer strategy but there are trade-offs.

Benefits & Trade-offs of Third-Party App Stores


Established Relationships

Third-party app stores and distribution channels have established billing relationships with consumers. This results in very few credit-card failures and a good infrastructure for collecting payments.

Strong promotions

These app stores also have very strong promotional capabilities. So, your app is going to be seen by many consumers.



revenue share

To receive the benefits already mentioned, you’re going to give up a portion of what you would make from consumers in these stores.

sparse data

The data returned from stores can be sparse. This can make it difficult to see a big picture of how these services are performing, especially relative to one another.

managing multiple reports

Managing reports from multiple services and trying to make sense of them so you can look at them in proper context.

Unified Reports Deliver a Universal View

To make these trade-offs more clear and manageable we’ve introduced several wickets on a Distribution page within the Wicket Scorecard. In total, these wickets give you a great view of your video business through the different lenses of these distributors.

Third-Party Subscriptions

The first Wicket focuses on the number of customers, and then the total amount of subscribers you have from each of these either in aggregate or individually by store.


Store Breakdown

A very comprehensive table of data about each store that provides information about:

  • Number of installs
  • Relative ratings of the app
  • The number of active users
  • Net revenue that is provided from each store
  • Many other data points

It gives you one place to see the performance of these relative to each other and if you are employing one, relative to your own direct-to-consumer offering.

Impressions by Store

This funnel analysis gives you insight into:

  • impressions from each app store
  • how well those are converting to installs
  • how well those are converting to activations
  • and most importantly payments

This helps you understand what the top of that funnel looks like in terms of how many consumers are seeing you and what is that resulting in terms of paid subscribers. A great way of looking at how effectively your app is being promoted.


Payments by App Store

This Wicket provides a really interesting insight into both historical and projected recognizable revenue and payments. Because every one of these stores has different payment timelines it’s actually a really great convenience to view it all in one place and the guesswork out of when you’re going to get paid.

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Learn how you can take advantage of the Distribution page in the Wicket Scorecard to gain better visibility into your video business. It’s an easy decision to adopt!

  • No more logging in to multiple systems, cobbling together reports
  • No more guesswork about payments received & future payments
  • Insights into what’s working and what is not with app store partners

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