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Actionable SVoD Audience Insights

For your OTT video business

Bridge the gap between insights & action with the leading SVoD audience insights platform, the Wicket Scorecard.

Maximize your audience lifetime value with the Wicket Scorecard. The actionable Subscription VoD insights, built by integrating and harmonizing your OTT (over-the-top) video service’s data sources, drive decisions with better visibility into your customers.

Improve audience acquisition, conversions, and engagement. Get a unified view of third-party distribution channels and app store performance, as well as reduce subscription churn by identifying at-risk customers through our unique CHI® score.

Learn about how the Wicket Scorecard can increase your audience LTV

The Wicket Scorecard Overview

Download the Wicket Scorecard Overview to find out how to increase audience lifetime value and drive results with improved customer acquisition, service engagement, and reduced churn.

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Maximize Audience Lifetime Value

Leverage data-driven decisions to improve your Audience Lifetime Value.

Reduce Churn with CHI®

Customer Happiness Index based on content, activity, loyalty, & experience.

Turn Insights into Action

Actionable insights and subscriber export leads to better subscription video businesses.

Customer Success Program

Easy on-boarding, ideas, & best-practices based on your Wicket Scorecard data.

Third-Party Distribution

A universal view into third-party distribution channels & app stores.

Leverage Data-Driven Decisions to Maximize Your Audience Lifetime Value

chart of customer count per dayOTT Analytics can be confusing. Let the Wicket Scorecard clear things up for you!

Convert more visitors of your video service through optimized marketing. Improve audience engagement with a detailed understanding of service usage and the content they love.

Identify at-risk customers with the Customer Happiness Index (CHI) and reduce churn with deep insights on Lost Customers.

Milestones track your progress against your decisions; series premieres, UI changes, app launches, special events, etc.

A universal view into third-party distribution channels and app stores enables a detailed understanding of the effectiveness of each. A huge time saver for teams tasked with managing app store partnerships.

  • No more logging into multiple systems cobbling together reports
  • Know how much you will be paid and when
  • Leverage insights to know what’s working and what’s not

A New View into Your Customer…Happiness!

What’s your CHI® Score?

OTT subscription video services are fighting a constant battle to keep achieve a low churn rate. Now with CHI, you have help. Let the machines do the work to combat churn! 

Dozens of elements are used to form the Customer Happiness Index, based on dimensions of content, activity, loyalty, and experience.

Our churn prediction uses machine learning to inform which subscribers are at-risk of leaving your video service and which signals have the largest influence over their possible departure.





Understand and Combat Video Subscription Churn

Download our whitepaper to learn more about churn but also learn what you can do to lower your OTT subscription video churn rate.
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Actionable SVoD Insights & Subscriber Export

Actionable SVoD insights and subscriber export leads to better subscription video businesses through all stages of the customer lifecycle. Direct integrations into marketing platforms, like HubSpot, make taking action easy. Lead your audience deeper into your library and increase overall engagement with recommendations based on healthy lifetime values.

Acquire more of your best subscribers through Facebook, Google, and Twitter lookalike campaigns using CHI score or Total Payments.

Convert more trialists by engaging inactives and promoting popular shows identified by the Content Explorer.

Take save-actions for stalled users and at-risk subscribers identified by CHI with preemptive outreach and notifications.

Reconnect campaigns reduce acquisition costs by targeting fans of your content as new seasons arrive.

Our Customer Success Program Makes Onboarding Easy

With dozens of pre-built data integrations, getting started is easy.

  • Site and app analytics provide engagement data
  • Subscriber management and payment processors detail the relationship with each subscriber
  • OVP and video management systems provide context for the shows, genres, and leagues your audience loves

Beyond the Wicket Scorecard providing actionable insights from your data sources, our Customer Success team adds additional analyst horsepower, meeting with your team regularly to review your data and recommend actions based on industry best practices.

See how OTT video companies today are leveraging their data to drive Audience Lifetime Value

Download the Direct to Consumer Subscription Insights whitepaper

Download the Whitepaper
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