Your Online Video Platform as a Data Source

Although Online Video Platforms (OVP) take many different forms on the web, the SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) services that come to Wicket Labs in search of deeper insights into their audiences most often employ an OVP that offers a SaaS model to manage, encode, publish, distribute, and measure QoS or audience engagement. These subscription services can be as simple as a direct to consumer, OTT (Over the Top) model, offering videos to watch on a multitude of devices. But they may also be part of a more robust network which needs full syndication or distribution functionality, allowing them to monetize and distribute videos across multiple platforms and services in addition to a direct to consumer approach.

How Does Wicket Labs Use Information from OVPs?

While many OVPs provide some form of insights into content, subscriber behavior, and information related to attracting and retaining subscribers, they often don’t provide the complete picture through the full subscriber lifecycle. This is why we created distinct Wickets which pull specific information directly from the OVP and correlate that with data from many other vendors the subscription service may have employed to tell the full story.

The Content tab in the Wicket Scorecard is a great place to see how we’ve integrated data from the OVP. Essentially every Wicket on the Content tab utilizes data ingested from the OVP. Here, we’re taking a closer look at content-level engagement with the video platform.

Key metrics, or what we sometimes refer to as heartbeat metrics, give you a quick view into the health of different aspects of your video business. The KPIs on the Content tab are no different; giving you quick access to information on the percentage of your total library viewed, percent of viewers watching new content, the percentage of active fans, and percentage of active bingers.

content key metrics

Fig. 1 – Key metrics on the content tab of the Wicket Scorecard. A quick check on the health of your subscription business.

One rather interesting chart is the Library Breakdown Wicket. This allows you to rapidly analyze how well your library matches the interests of your subscriber base by looking at a breakdown by genre and comparing it to relative time spent viewing content.  This is valuable in terms of library curation as well as future content licensing strategies and can quickly give you an indicator on how to increase Audience Lifetime Value of your subscribers by providing them with the content they love.

content library breakdown

Fig. 2 – Library breakdown by genre. Quickly see if your content library matches the tastes of your audience.

This is just a sampling of the Wickets that pull relevant data from the OVPs with which the Wicket Scorecard integrates. These integrations allow for expedient deployments for future customers and quicker realization of increased ROI by utilizing an Audience Insights Platform.

Our Current OVP Integrations

We have integrations with several of the top OVPs and are continuing to add more on a regular basis. For the majority of these integrations, Wicket Labs has developed an ingest engine to retrieve video metadata, subscriber data, and revenue events from the OVP. Tied to video view data, this metadata adds to a richer experience in the Wicket Scorecard.  This enables TV series to include poster art and be filtered using multiple dimensions such as genre, season, or episode. Read below for a short description of each.


Brightcove is a leading provider of powerful cloud solutions for delivering and monetizing video across connected devices. Their OTT Flow™ product allows media companies to quickly build, test, and deploy premium user experiences across all mobile and tv platforms with an easy to use application management system that will enable them to get to market quickly, reduce total cost of ownership, and maximize revenue.

Comcast mpx

mpx from Comcast Technology Solutions, a division of Comcast Cable, offers end-to-end and modular solutions that save both time-to-market and minimize the total cost of deployment. mpx enables flexible monetization and optimizes workflows and the distribution of Video on Demand (VOD), live events, linear channels, syndication.

mpx manages all of the content metadata for a customer’s video library. The metadata includes standard information like title, description, and categories, and is often accompanied by images (posters, thumbnails). The data is sometimes enhanced with third-party premium metadata from suppliers such as TiVo or Gracenote.

mpx also manages all of the subscriber, entitlement, and ledger information. The data is rich and is a useful foundation towards understanding how your business is performing.


Kaltura’s proven end-to-end OTT TV solutions offer a flexible platform for any business model and a beautiful, personalized user experience. With a track record of successful Tier 1 deployments, Kaltura offers one of the fastest times to market for launching your own OTT platform.

Kaltura contains all of the metadata for video content in a customer’s library. The metadata includes standard information such as title, description, and categories, but also often includes related images (posters, thumbnails) and availability dates when the content is meant to appear or disappear from the site. Kaltura also maintains different renditions of the actual video files, which are intended to be streamed to different devices.


NeuLion is a complete, end-to-end OVP with the tools needed to get content into consumers hands quickly and easily, ensuring they will be loyal, long-lasting customers. Unlike most OVPs, it owns and operates every component of the platform: from content management to payments, to CDN. NeuLion is also different in that it is primarily focused on the sports industry.

NeuLion maintains all of the video content, subscriber, and revenue data for its customers. They do not offer an API, so the customer must set up a special process with NeuLion for them to export the data to a secure server (SFTP) on an ongoing basis. The data arrives as a collection of text files.

Wicket Labs has developed an ingest engine to retrieve exported NeuLion data via SFTP. The data provides subscriber and revenue information to the Wicket Scorecard.

Vimeo OTT

Vimeo OTT (formerly known as VHX) helps to seamlessly launch a subscription service, with all the tools and tech you need to grow a sustainable business. Focus on the content, their platform takes care of everything else.

Subscriptions on Vimeo OTT let you charge your customers on a recurring monthly and/or yearly basis for streaming-only access to your content. You can add new work as often as you want. You control the branding, packaging, and pricing.

If you currently use one of the OVPs we have integrations with and would like to increase your audience lifetime value, contact us for a demo of the Wicket Scorecard to see how we’re leveling the playing field for video subscription services. Or, if you employ a different OVP, let us know what we can do to create a new integration for your video service.


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