Wicket Labs Insight – Customer Count

Welcome back!  In last week’s Wicket Labs Insight, we showed how the Wicket Scorecard helps you understand how customers Learn, Try and Buy your service, how you can use that data to visualize your most effective acquisition channels and optimize your marketing spend to effectively expand the top of your funnel.

This week we’ll focus on how effectively you turn new trial subscribers into paying customers, allowing you to predict the growth of your customer base going forward. As an added bonus we visualize the effect of major events and campaigns.

CUSTOMER COUNT is designed to give you a better view into the growth of your customer and trial base and how effectively you convert trials into paid subscriptions. This data should enable better forecasting for your paid base and how it relates to your company goals. In addition, you can layer in milestones to illustrate your promotional activity, marketing campaigns, new content launches and operational issues impact your growth over time. In a nutshell, you can get a snapshot of the overall health of your business. If you see something interesting, you can dig deeper by simply clicking the “View Raw Data” link to get direct access to data for further analysis.

chart of customer count by month
Fig. 1 – Customer Count by Month
display of milestones
Fig. 2 – Milestones

Next, we will look at the Engagement Key Metrics KPIs, to show how your trials and paid subscribers are engaging with your service, turning an interested customer into an engaged fan.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash


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