Wicket Labs’ Evolution

Ian Blaine
Ian Blaine, CSO

Wicket Labs is a software company focused on giving video companies better, more actionable insights into their operational health and business performance.  The founders have more than 40 years of combined experience in the online video & media subscriptions markets and have built pivotal products in the industry’s evolution.

Wicket Labs was originally founded on the recognition of a significant, but nascent concept born from our CEO’s video industry experience. The initial problem that the company set out to solve, was that in the rush to transition video services to the cloud, and subsequently a large number of vendors, media companies found themselves challenged when it came to detecting and understanding the root causes of inevitable service issues. This lack of insight often led to longer downtimes and costly paths to resolution.

This was the genesis for the Wicket API monitoring service, which provides real-time tracking and alerting for all vendors in a typical online video business. This gives operations managers actionable status updates when a vendor’s performance falls outside of standard parameters.  The result is faster issue detection and resolution because the root cause is pinpointed and clearly communicated.

With over 80 vendor integrations the Wicket API monitoring service is now the most comprehensive in the industry for online video services. The product has been well received by target customers, but in listening to them, we learned some things that got us thinking about broadening our ambitions.

First, in addition to real-time monitoring of vendor APIs, a market demand existed for broader historical context regarding vendor performance. Customers are interested in a solution that includes recent and long term history of performance for better context and more informed decision making.

Second, once we made the leap to providing historical context through visual insights, we realized that there was an even bigger opportunity to help media companies navigating new business terrain and facing new, ferocious competition like Netflix and Amazon. What they lacked was an end-to-end view of their business performance, particularly through the lens of audience members. By expanding on the concept of providing historical context for operational performance to encompass the entire value chain of a video business we realized that we could serve not only the operational team but the entire media company.

This second realization is what catalyzed the current trajectory of Wicket Labs which is to develop a suite of compatible products that marry together real time system status, historical system health, and business KPIs, all aimed at enabling new insights and better decision making for companies driving the future of media consumption.


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash


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