Wicket Labs Announces First European Customers; NLZIET, DutchChannels, and True Royalty

Introduces Free, Confidential Industry Benchmark Assessment

Seattle, WA, Sept. 4, 2019 — Wicket Labs, creator of the leading audience insights and OTT analytics platform for media and entertainment companies, today announced the signing of three new customers that will utilize the Wicket Scorecard to provide data-driven insights to their D2C subscription video businesses throughout Europe; NLZIET, DutchChannels, and True Royalty.

NLZIET Cooperative UA, a unique alliance between public and commercial broadcasters and a frontrunner in Europe to address global competition, has selected Wicket Labs to deliver data-driven insights for its live TV and video-on-demand platform, NLZIET. Both linear and on-demand content can be viewed via a monthly subscription from the largest broadcast networks in The Netherlands: Dutch public broadcaster NPO, and commercial broadcasters RTL and Talpa TV.

We’re very excited to begin using the Wicket Scorecard to break down the many data silos at NLZIET

“We’re very excited to begin using the Wicket Scorecard to break down the many data silos at NLZIET,” said Niels Baas, Managing Director of NLZIET. “Unifying this data under one harmonized dashboard enables us to make more informed, data-driven decisions from the unique insights provided by the Wicket Scorecard.”

DutchChannels develops subscription-based video-on-demand platforms for niche audiences like New Faith Network, Foodmakers, Flixy, and more. Because their strategic partnerships rely on highly targeted content, it is essential to understand what moves the consumer and develop topically specific programs.

The Wicket Scorecard will enable us to understand the content viewers engage with and love

“A combination of storytelling, data collection, and online marketing is essential to an ever-changing mediascape. The Wicket Scorecard will enable us to understand the content viewers engage with and love,” said Iemke Roos, Director Content & Programming for DutchChannels.

True Royalty is the first and only subscription video on demand (SVoD) service dedicated to the subject of royalty. The True Royalty TV service is available on mobile, tablet, computers, and can be streamed on TV via connected devices. In addition, it is available in the US through Comcast Xfinity. “A rigorous focus on data-driven decisions has been key to our success so far; the partnership with Wicket Labs brings us additional critical capabilities and innovation for our next phase of growth,” said Gregor Angus, Co-Founder & CEO of True Royalty.

The partnership with Wicket Labs brings us additional critical capabilities and innovation for our next phase of growth.

“Wicket Labs has already passed a number of key milestones this year including extending the Wicket Scorecard to include insights from apps stores and distribution channels, enhancements to our machine learning application, the Customer Happiness Index, and the introduction of industry benchmarks for subscription video businesses,” said Marty Roberts, CEO of Wicket Labs. “Announcing our first customers in Europe is another great milestone for us and we are excited to be working with Dutch Channels, NLZEIT, and True Royalty to leverage their data into actions that increase their Audience Lifetime Value.

Confidential Benchmark Assessment

Additionally, Wicket Labs announced the launch of the Subscription VoD Benchmark Assessment program. This free and confidential program was created to allow subscription-based video services to gain what was once historically difficult insights into how their business is performing in relation to other subscription video businesses. More importantly, they can explore where they diverge in the areas of trial conversion, churn, and service engagement. Possessing this information provides guidance in terms of where and how to optimize efforts and spending.

“We know many video businesses are wondering if their KPIs are within industry norms,” said Roberts. “That’s why we’re launching our free and confidential SVoD benchmark assessment report. Now any subscription video service can come to our website, answer a few simple questions, and they’ll be able to see how their service stacks up against the rest of the industry. We’re really excited about this program and we think a lot of video businesses are going to find significant value in it,” said Roberts. Benchmark assessment reports can be found at wicketlabs.com/benchmark-assessment.


NLZIET is a unique alliance between the major Dutch TV networks RTL, NPO (Dutch Public Broadcasting Foundation), and Talpa TV (formerly SBS Broadcasting) for online live and on-demand viewing. Accessible through a monthly subscription, more than 90,000 episodes of broadcast programs can be viewed throughout the EU on the mobile app, smart TVs and TV-connected devices, and via a laptop browser. More information can be found at nlziet.nl.

About DutchChannels
DutchChannels is a Dutch Video-on-demand broadcaster, developing and managing online video platforms for special interest groups. As an agile, young media company, they respond quickly and effectively to trends and technology in the dynamic market of online video. The technical infrastructure largely determines their success. DutchChannels offers it all: From idea to execution. From linear to online. From single to multi-channel. From advertisement to subscription-based. Further information can be found at dutchchannels.nl.

About True Royalty
True Royalty was co-founded by Gregor Angus (CEO), Nick Bullen, and Edward Mason as the world’s first and only subscription video-on-demand service dedicated to providing fans with a wide selection of high-quality Royal programming. For more information on True Royalty TV and its available platforms, visit trueroyalty.tv.

About Wicket Labs
In an arena where data determines the winners, Wicket Labs is the big data department for media and entertainment companies. The team has well over 50 years of combined experience working for and with the largest media companies in the world. They are continually evolving the Wicket Scorecard, the audience insights platform that enables data-driven, actionable insights and maximizes audience lifetime value. A Seattle based company, Wicket Labs is committed to integrity, diversity, empathy, curiosity, and always looking for colleagues, partners, and customers to join a growing team. Further information is available at WicketLabs.com.

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