Top 6 OTT Analytics Updates of 2020

Feature Updates for Wicket Scorecard

It’s been some time since we posted a digest of the latest OTT Analytics updates to Wicket Scorecard. Even in the challenging times of 2020, our team has been hard at work adding powerful new features to boost the effectiveness of our flagship product.

One important detail about many of our updates is that they incorporate customer feedback into the Wicket Scorecard. This has added even more value to the product and benefits the larger community as a whole. What you’ll find below is a healthy mix of customer-driven features as well as strategic investments we’ve made in the functionality of Wicket Scorecard that broaden the value for everyone.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the major updates to the Wicket Scorecard so far this year.

Content Catalog

The Content tab of the Wicket Scorecard consistently drives high engagement amongst our customers. This reason alone suggested to us that it would be an area ripe for updates that could provide more and quicker value to our customers. By taking your requests to heart, we were able to establish some themes where we felt our updates would pack a ton of functionality into one powerful table to address the requests of:

  • Exploring the entire catalog instead of just popular content
  • A searchable interface
  • Comparing VOD vs. Linear/Live consumption
  • And supporting sports metadata

We’ve packed a ton of functionality into the Content Catalog wicket, which allows you to see data for every title in your catalog. This provides you with more options for exploring the overall effectiveness of your catalog.

Sports metadata taxonomy

Fig. 1 – The Content tab supports the metadata taxonomy of sports content.

  • You now have really powerful ways to sort and filter your entire library, making uncovering new insights easy and actionable
  • Search allows you to find any title easily
  • If you offer linear channels and/or live events, you can now compare that consumption in contrast to your on-demand catalog
  • Sports metadata now receives the first-class treatment with dynamically tagged content for sport, league, season or event, and sorted by audience size, views, etc. Coupled with support for live viewing engagement, this gives you a powerful tool to sports OTT services and services that provide a mix of sports and entertainment

Weekly & Monthly Snapshots of the Summary Page

Another update to the Wicket Scorecard which was created based on customer requests was the Summary tab. To provide a supplement to or full replacement of weekly executive reports that were time-consuming to develop.

What resulted was a collaborative effort between our team and our customers to provide a portable, focused, and compact page that met the requirements to by adopting a more compact style and presenting a lot of information in a small package.

summary page V2

Fig. 2 – Wicket Scorecard Summary tab

  • We added the ability to choose any week or month (going back 52 weeks) to see a snapshot of the executive summary
  • With easy printing/PDF export, this offers a great way of comparing and contrasting your business at key inflection points

Choosing a week or month is done by simply selecting the date range in the upper left corner of the Summary Page and choosing the range. All wickets will automatically update to the date range selected.


The video Distribution tab of Wicket Scorecard is a great place to see integrated information from your third-party app stores and distribution partners. Originally launched with support for the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Channels store, we’ve since added two more integrations to the Distribution tab.

Store Breakdown wicket on Distribution tab

Fig. 3 – Video Distribution store breakdown

Roku Channel Store

Adding an integration for the Roku Channel Store was essential to supporting the distribution and promotional efforts of our customers. As with our other integrations, it’s fully automated and a huge time-saver, allowing internal teams to save hours per week compiling reports.

X1 App Store

Many of our Distribution customers have partnerships with Comcast’s Xfinity X1 App Store, so naturally, they wanted to see reporting data from this store alongside data from the Amazon Channel Store, Apple iTunes, Google Play, and the Roku Channel Store. The Distribution tab now fully supports the integration of the X1 App Store reports.

Engagement Status

We knew that the current definitions being used were not good enough for OTT video services. Our customers needed a better understanding of their subscribers and how to take appropriate action when it makes sense to do so to keep them engaged.

chart of Engagement Status Over Time

Fig. 4 – Engagement Status Over Time for SVoD users

We introduced the concept of Engagement Status into the Wicket Scorecard. Every user in your account who has at least one video view is assigned an engagement status that changes based on a user’s engagement patterns. This status not only tells you the current state of your user base (and in fact each user) but also gives you directional information regarding whether users are becoming more or less engaged. We provide a primer in the Scorecard to help you understand what each status means and how to think about them in concert.

The graph below shows engagement status over time. You can see views, hours viewed, audience size, and sessions over time broken down by Engagement Status. Additionally, engagement status is now a field included in subscriber export to allow you to react to this data to drive healthier, long-term relationships with each of your subscribers.

Content Explorer Enhancement

Here’s one you probably didn’t know! We completely redesigned the Content Explorer in the Wicket Scorecard. Content Explorer is a great way to find content + audience engagement opportunities.

Content Explorer

Fig. 5 – Content Explorer with Attention Index

The biggest change we made to Content Explorer was to integrate the Attention Index. Now you can not only see audience overlap but also get a sense of the relative entertainment value of the content you choose to promote. Other significant upgrades include:

  • Ability to filter primary or connected content by movies or series
  • Show 250 titles most connected to primary title
  • Preset filters/queries that make it easy to find Hidden Gems, and other highly promotable content pairings
  • Enhanced audience export
  • Content list export

Date Range Updates

This update is a bit more under-the-radar but it is another update that was performed to provide a better user experience for our customers. In essence, this update affords customers to look at the last few complete weeks, months, quarters, and years. When selected, this is limited to the primary graph and key metrics.

The Wicket Scorecard generally shows data on a rolling basis; last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, etc. Our customers also wanted to see numbers for July or 2019. This update provides customers the numbers they’re looking for in specific date ranges for reporting purposes.

Wrapping it Up

We’re far from finished. With so many new updates coming to Wicket Scorecard, we’re working on solutions for multiple segments of the OTT industry. If you have any feature requests for the Wicket Scorecard, let us know. We always welcome feedback improving the leading audience insights platform for managing your OTT Analytics.

Employing an Audience Insights Platform

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