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See the follow-up to this post, Product Development Spotlight: Summary Page

Wicket Scorecard Executive Summary

With a world awash in data, subscription video businesses need purpose-built tools to interpret the digital flood. The Wicket Scorecard bridges the gap between insights and action from their many different siloed data sources. While these actionable insights drive decisions, improve acquisition, conversions, and engagement, as well as reduce churn — sometimes you just need to quickly access important KPIs to provide information to your executive team. With a recent update to the Wicket Scorecard, a new tab was added for this purpose.

The Summary page is another way we’re helping our customers to recoup time and resources. Rather than employees taking time to build executive summaries every week, the Summary tab allows users to log in to see these results directly.

This information allows executives, board members, managers, and others to get a big-picture view of the video service and quickly identify opportunities or see where improvements or efficiencies may be needed. This is an effective tool to:

  • Save time & resources – Employees will no longer need to create executive summaries and can invest their time into other areas of the business
  • Improve communications – One source of truth for everyone to view means no one will be looking at an old report and the Wickets included can then be shared further if needed
  • Assess performance – A check on performance against initiatives can quickly be done to track how well the business is executing toward goals

What’s Included?

The Summary tab is meant to track the performance of the service on a weekly basis. The initial time scale is set at one week, including the current day. This can be adjusted out to three years, like the other tabs in the Wicket Scorecard.

The primary graph is Customer Count (Fig. 1) which gives a rollup of new trials, current trials, customers gained, net customers, lost customers, and lost trials. To the right of, Milestones can be used to track progress against initiatives.

customer count chart

Fig. 1 – Customer Count defaults to a one week view of New Trials, Current Trials, Customers Gained, Net Customers, Lost Customers, and Lost Trials.

Next, are key metrics (Fig. 2) that show four important data points for tracking the performance of your video service.

  1. Customer Lifetime Value (Find out more about how we calculate LTV)
  2. Average New Trials Per Day (Learn more about free trial length)
  3. Free Trial Conversion Percent (Learn how to engage and convert trials)
  4. Paid Churn Percent (Read tips to maintain a low ott churn rate)

Fig. 2 – Summary tab subscriber key metrics.

Immediately below key metrics are two new tables that show a high-level view of customer changes and engagement. Customer Snapshot shows engaged and stalled trialists and subscribers. Customer Changes By Week provides a quick look to track trial conversions, direct conversions, lost subscriptions, and net change compared to the week prior and the same week last year. For the current week, a projection is made based on past performance.

Next, is Usage Trends (Fig. 3) plotted on a graph that shows views, hours viewed, and audience size. This is broken down by trialists and subscribers.

usage trends chart

Fig. 3 – Usage Trends shows views, hours viewed, and audience size – broken down by trialists & subscribers.

Approaching the end of the Summary tab is another set of key metrics (Fig. 4). This time, showing service and content engagement data.

  1. Percent Active Subs
  2. Avg Hours Streamed Per Week
  3. Percent Library Viewed
  4. Percent Viewers Watching New Content

Fig. 4 – Summary tab engagement key metrics.

Finally, is Top Content (Fig. 5). This table can be pivoted by genre, franchise, series, season or title and sorted by any of the columns, including Attention Index, which can quickly show what content may require further scrutiny.

top content chart

Fig. 5 – Top Content


Is your world is awash in data? The Wicket Scorecard is the audience insights platform that bridges the gap between insights and action and helps you to quickly access the important KPIs business leaders need to assess the performance of their business. Recoup time and resources, quickly assess performance, and improve internal communications with the new Summary tab. Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to show you how.

See the follow-up to this post, Product Development Spotlight: Summary Page

Combat Churn Whitepaper

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