Streamlining Workflow with Automated Subscriber Sync

By enabling recurring automatic synchronization of customer data from Wicket Labs with user records in third party destinations we have taken a big step forward in terms of workflow enablement for our customers. 

Early on in our product lifecycle at Wicket Labs, we recognized that taking action based on data-driven insights was an essential part of our value proposition to media companies. This kicked off a long journey of product development which began with subscriber export that included really interesting user data about engagement, content, devices, tenure, etc. With export enabled, we then took the next natural step and started building integrations with downstream products used by marketing and retention teams to reach out to their customers. These products include Hubspot, SailThru, and Segment, with more on the way. These integrations enable one-touch publishing of exports from Wicket Labs into these destinations which is a definite time-saver and error reducer.

As subscriber exports became a more and more important part of our customers’ communication workflow, we started hearing requests to automate a recurring synchronization between our customer data platform and third-party destinations. The goal was to have all records in the CRM system regularly, automatically updated with fresh data from Wicket Labs.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve now enabled that functionality which allows our customers to define a frequency for the automated synchronization, and a destination which could be a CRM system, Amazon S3 bucket, etc.

This synchronization ensures that when a marketing team prepares a campaign they are sure to have the latest information about any cohort of recipients, including new trialists and customers who have elected to cancel their subscription. Fields from Wicket Labs include:

  • trial/subscription status
  • content that the user engaged with
  • primary device used
  • whether they are a re-connect
  • the engagement status of the userEdit a Publishing Integration
  • tenure
  • hours viewed

all of which automatically update in the CRM or email system. Simply put, leveraging this data leads to better more effectively targeted campaigns. 

This is extremely easy to set up in our Scorecard. In settings, an administrator can configure any export destination with an automated export schedule and include contact information should an export fail.

Once subscriber sync has been set up, it’s easy to see in the list of Publish Integrations on our settings page:

Publish Integrations

With this streamlining in effect it will be even easier for our customers to run effect campaigns focused on:

  • Content promotion
  • Winbacks
  • Re-engagement
  • Trial behavior

If you’d like to learn more about how we enable this for our customers, drop us a line!


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