Diving Deeper into Content Data

Our customers are spending more and more time engaging with our Content Insights as we continue to enrich that part of our product. In particular our Content Catalog has received some nice new upgrades lately. One thing that we realized as we thought about the information design of the Catalog view is that while you could accomplish a lot with sorting and filtering there were really interesting insights that remained hidden or hard to see easily.

Seeing more with Smart Views

To address this challenge we developed what we’re calling Smart Views which are a collection of insights that kick off complex queries in the background to update the catalog view to answer specific questions.

The first set of Smart Views we’ve launched are:

Content Contribution: This view focuses on contribution to the service overall, as measured by combining net service rating with net view share. These measures do a few interesting things. Net Service Rating uses the total number of registered users/subscribers whether active or inactive as the denominator and the number of entertained (finishing at least three quartiles) viewers of that content as the numerator. Net View Share is the % of overall entertaining views that a title commands. By focusing on our Attention Index as a measure of quality views you can quickly see content that performs the best relative to other titles in terms of possible audience and absolute views. This can be used to understand relative content value for promotion, curation and future licensing considerations and can be viewed at a title, series or genre level.

Recent Arrivals: This view highlights the performance of recent arrivals. Here we surface content ranked by recency and views. This makes it easy to see how new arrivals are performing vis a vis one another. You can of course also rely on the Attention Index here to determine whether the new content is popular & entertaining. In addition you can zero in on specific genres and the new content flowing in, and how well it is performing.

Steady Performers: With this view we’re highlighting content that has staying power. To do this, we present content that has the highest daily audience count after the first 30 days in the library. Some titles hit big right after release and then taper quickly, while others build momentum over time. Focusing on Steady Performers can help identify anchor content that can be promoted broadly and for an extended period of time. It can also provide useful hints in terms of content licensing. This is really interesting to look at season over season for series, and to compare across series. It’s also clear that not all movies are created equally and that some have a much longer shelf life than others.

False Starts: This view points out content that has relatively high viewership, but a low Attention Index, which means that lots of people checked out the content, but many abandoned it close to the start. This is often indicative of a title that has been promoted heavily that just isn’t that entertaining. Promotion and curation teams can use this view to re-focus on more entertaining content, and of course procurement teams can use this data to guide licensing decisions and negotiations.

Leaving Soon: It’s a good practice to let users know about content that will be leaving your service soon, and this view is designed to make that easy. You can organize this view by title, series or genre and find the best content that is on its way out the door.

Using Smart Views is easy. You can look at Titles organized by Smart View by simply selecting one from the drop-down.

Smart Views in the Wicket Scorecard

For more sophisticated views you can view the catalog by Series for example, and then compare various series/seasons. In the example below, the Smart View is showing the content ranked by highest contribution to the service.

Smart Views by Series

Smart views coupled with our existing sort, filter and date range options give customers an incredible amount of power and flexibility to explore their content library, and gain insights into consumption patterns, and calls to action. If you’d like to learn more about our content insights, or Smart Views in particular, drop us a line!


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