Setting up API Monitoring – It’s Easier Than it Seems

Saying that APIs are a crucial part of the technology stack for most companies today is obvious. With the average media company using 14+ different vendor APIs in their consumer experience, the health of those APIs is critical to the business. For many companies, API monitoring is something they still haven’t implemented. If they have some monitoring up, it’s often not API specific, and not able to quickly identify the effected API, or the type of error.

When we talk to media companies, a common piece of feedback is that better monitoring for their APIs is important to them, but they believe setting up that monitoring would be a cumbersome and time consuming task for their already stretched digital teams. That’s where the Wicket Scorecard comes in.

  • With dozens of pre-built, customizable Wickets (API Monitors) for the most popular APIs, it’s easy to get started quickly.
  • Onboarding is simple, your team adds in credentials, and our Client Services team does all of the customization for you. The average Wicket Labs customer requires less than an hour of work from their team.
  • Our Client Services team doesn’t stop there, they’re available for the life of your account to set up new Wickets, build custom Wickets for internal APIs, and provide insights on your vendors.

Once monitoring is in place, the Wicket Scorecard helps you increase operational uptime, and reduce the time your team spends on operational issues. Your team can stay focused on new projects and optimizations, and less time troubleshooting. Contact us today to get started.


Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash


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