Seeing Your Whole OTT Business

Seeing Your Whole OTT Business

Most of our customers have developed their own direct-to-consumer service, for which they bill their subscribers directly. For this part of their business they use the Wicket Scorecard to get an insightful, actionable view of their audience. 

In addition, many of our customers also expand their service/content reach by utilizing third parties. This includes partners like Apple iTunes and GooglePlay where the customer’s app is available in these partner stores, and offers an option for subscribers to sign-up and pay via the partner. Data from these partners is included throughout our Scorecard and we refer to subscribers from them as “Managed” users.  There are also scenarios where the customer sends their content to a partner (e.g. Amazon Channel Store, Comcast X1) who then presents the content through their own product. We call subscribers to these services “Unmanaged Users” because there is less detail about individual usage statistics This means we can’t effectively include them in our Scorecard, since so much of what we do relies on mapping specific content to specific users’ consumption and engagement.

We do have a place to look at all of these users together and we just made it easier to navigate and understand.  Our Distribution page is an add-on for our Wicket Scorecard focused on the 3rd Party App Stores, and we’ve built an automated system to pull data from all the major ones.  We have updated our primary table on this page to make it really easy to compare and contrast each partner vis a vis our customers direct-to-consumer offering, but also see how their partnerships with “Managed” vs. “Unmanaged” users stack up. 

App Store Analytics

For services where “Unmanaged Users” are a significant part of the overall business, it’s not only important to see reporting from the partners in a uniform way, but also in conjunction with “Managed Users” so that business leaders can see the performance of business overall, but also make informed decisions on where to invest in future partnerships.

As mentioned above, we offer the Distribution Page as an add-on to our Wicket Scorecard, and it can also be licensed independently, as a low-cost way of tracking subscribers across multiple services. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out!


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