Royalty Reporting and Deeper Dives with Content Export

Surfacing insights into content performance has been a keen focus of ours since we started Wicket Labs. From our Attention Index, which is like a net promoter score for every title in your library, to our ratings & view share measures, to our recently launched release performance insights which shows the audience trajectory for every title, season and series, we’ve worked hard to show our customers more about their content than you’ll get in a simple video views report.

Not surprisingly, all of these enhancements drive a feedback loop that helps us understand the what, why, and how of our customers needs in the content insights arena.

Our latest updates are a direct reflection of that feedback loop, and we’re excited to share that our customers can now export two content reports from their Scorecard account.

Royalty Reporting

The first is a response to our customers’ desire to have a simple way of generating royalty reports for their content partners. To do this effectively, we had to consider a few requirements.

The first is that we had to make sure that we provided the proper measurement for calculating royalties. To cover the use cases we heard from our customers, we’re including view count, audience size, and hours viewed for every title, as well as seasonal and series rollups.

Secondly, we had to make sure that we covered the reporting periods that our customers needed. Luckily, we already have support in our Scorecard to review our primary graphs with several date range options.

Wicket Scorecard Date Ranges

The “Last Complete” date ranges are particularly important for royalty reporting, and as illustrated above, we cover the last two complete weeks, months, quarters and years.

Finally, we need to provide a field for content owners so that reports go to the right licensor. We use our “franchise” field for this purpose, which is included in this export.

Now, with this simple export, our customers can very easily access all the data they need to efficiently issue royalty reports.

Content Catalog Export

We have added a ton of new information to our Content Catalog which now includes the following:

  • Title/Season/Series names
  • Type (e.g. movie, episode etc)
  • First View Date
  • Audience Size: 30/90/365 days + lifetime
  • Video Views: 30/90/365 days + lifetime
  • Attention Index: 30/90/365 days + lifetime
  • Service/Net Service Rating
  • View/Net View Share
  • Unique Audience After Release (7,14,30 Days)
  • Peak Audience
  • Peak Audience Date
  • Days to Peak Audience

With all of this rich data now available, we naturally receive requests to provide more ways to explore and interact with it. There are limits to what makes sense to put into a curated product UI/UX so we decided that this was another great opportunity to leverage data export. Our customers can now download the data enumerated above as a CSV, sorted and filtered according to the view they create in the Wicket. This could be their entire library by title, all seasons of a particular series, just linear viewing etc. An example preview:

Wicket Scorecard Content Catalog Export

This export allows our customers to see really big pictures, as well as incredibly detailed views of their content consumption. They can compare specific titles to see how they performed against one another. They can look at seasonal trends across multiple series to identify cross-promotional opportunities etc. Now, much of this can be done today right in the Scorecard, but providing a full library export just provides more entry points for exploration.

If you’d like to learn more about our Content Insights and how you could take advantage of our new export functionality, please drop us a line!

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