Product Development Spotlight: Summary Page

One of the fun parts of being a nimble start-up is that we can react quickly to customer feedback and market demands. This post is about one of those situations and provides a nice window into how we work. The story started a few months ago when our customers began requesting a summary view of their overall Wicket Scorecard that could be used as a one-stop dashboard for the service and shared with executives who were not necessarily daily Scorecard users. Effectively they wanted to broaden the audience by narrowing the view. Part of what drove this request is that our users were spending time every week developing executive reports and they wondered if we could automate this for them.

The Role of a Minimum Viable Product

In October, we delivered the first iteration of this concept when we launched our Summary page. To build this, we spent time querying our customers and presenting ideas to them and then based on their feedback, borrowed appropriate insights from our Scorecard and created some new ones and baked it all into a new page.

Our customers loved the result and immediately began using it and granting access to users who had never tried our Scorecard before. What followed was every product builder’s dream: we got tons of inbound feedback about how customers (especially new users) were using the Summary page, and more importantly, what we could to do make it even more valuable. Often included in this feedback were snapshots of dashboards that they had used before, with comments on what they liked and didn’t like about them. This is why we ship minimum viable products in some areas – we need more feedback from new constituents.

We came to a few conclusions when we gathered as a team to assess the feedback and think about how we might make adjustments to be responsive to this great opportunity to engage with our customers.

A New Paradigm

What we learned is that this page needed to fulfill some new requirements that did not come into play on our Scorecard or the initial version of our summary page:

  1. printed Summary page chartsPortable: The Summary page really needs to double as a printable report, that looks great and is easy to read.
  2. Focused: Because the Summary is often going to be printed or emailed as a PDF & because busy execs may not have time to dive deep into the Scorecard there is a requirement to limit the length of the page. We constrained ourselves to 2 printed pages.
  3. Compact: In order to accommodate the collection of obligatory insights into a 2-page layout, we had to fit more information into less space than we do in our Scorecard.

All of this led us to a pretty significant departure from our Scorecard UI which our customers love for its airy, spacious design that allows each insight the room it needs for exploration and interaction. To meet the requirements outlined above, we had to adopt a more compact style that presents a lot of information in a small amount of space. The goal here was to enable knowledge transfer more than exploration and interactivity. We had fun testing the assumptions we used to build our Scorecard, throwing some out the window and holding on dearly to others.

Our Process at Work

After many hours spent looking at artifacts and feedback from our customers. Dueling with markers at the whiteboard and rapidly iterating in our design environment, we came up with a new Summary page concept that we are really excited about. It embraces all of the design requirements above and delivers a marked improvement on our first version as well as the customer artifacts we reviewed.  While it is a departure from our Scorecard in some ways, mostly with respect to information design and density, it is a clear echo of it in terms of UX, and style.

The new Summary packs in all the metrics and insights that are essential to seeing the big picture of any SVOD service. With this report in hand, executives can be confident that they have answers to the important questions about their business.


This is the kind of iteration and evolution that we love at Wicket Labs, and it’s a key reason that we meet with our customers on a regular basis – they help us make our products better for them.

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