Meeting Growth Targets

As January ends and February begins, it’s a great time for subscription video businesses to check their progress in meeting their growth targets for the quarter and the year. To build confidence, we suggest going a step beyond the classic “new customers per day or week” to a set of key metrics that align well with the levers you can take action against.

Take a deeper look at each phase and talk about the right insights that will help you grow your business long term:

  • Trial Acquisition
  • Customer Conversion
  • Retention & Churn
  • and Reconnects

While there are different levers you can pull at each phase to change outcomes, the best tool you have to make the right decisions is data. A well-rounded view of where all of your trials and customers are will help you focus your resources on the areas of greatest opportunity and largest risk to your business. A great plan is focused on developing a great customer relationship, nurturing and developing that relationship and rewarding customer loyalty.

Download our latest paper to learn how to build a simple business model to track the key drivers that matter most to your video business.


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