Lost Customers by Video Views

A deep content offering and an engaged base are fundamental to maintaining and growing subscription numbers. Visualizing how content is consumed will allow you to identify at-risk customers and work on retaining them. The Wicket Scorecard looks at several data points to better understand audience and engagement metrics. While every subscription service will experience some degree of churn, understanding customer behavior will help minimize its impact.

Lost Customers By Video Views is one such metric. It showcases the viewing patterns and a primary reason subscribers leave a service. This insight demonstrates the number of video views of lost customers for the 30 days prior to leaving a service and couples that with a reason for the cancellation. Voluntary includes an active action by the customer to unsubscribe and Involuntary typically catches a declined or canceled credit card. A good guideline; users that come back at a steady pace multiple times per month are less likely to cancel.

Chart of Lost Customers by Video Views
Fig. 1 – Lost Customers by Video Views

Why is visualizing this data important? It helps to get to the root cause of subscriber churn, allowing you to become more predictive and proactive in your retention efforts with at-risk customers. Contact us to learn more about using the Wicket Scorecard to better understand Lost Customers and reduce your churn percentage.


Photo by Victoria Kure-Wu on Unsplash


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