Introducing Content Engagement KPIs for Video

As a subscription video business, one of your biggest investments and most important differentiators is your library of entertainment. One of the most interesting and valuable ways to look at your service is through the lens of how subscribers engage with your library.

This week we’re launching a brand new KPI page to focus on Content Engagement, designed to complement the service-level engagement metrics already in the Wicket Scorecard.

By looking at engagement patterns connected to specific titles, genres and types of content you can unlock new opportunities to:

  • Optimize content promotion
  • Identify fans and bingers
  • See the impact of new content
  • Improve your licensing strategy

To surface the insights needed to see and take action on these opportunities, we have developed several Wickets that touch on the most important aspects of content consumption, including:

  • Popularity over time
  • Correlation of content to new trial sign-ups
  • Audience sizes of most popular content
  • Lifetime value of specific show audiences
  • Engaged fans, bingers, new content consumers
  • How much of your library has viewers and how viewing breaks down by genre
  • Content ratings correlated to consumption

At a glance, you can gain insight into the relationships your audience has with your content in terms of what they watch, how engaged they are and whether new content is driving time spent viewing.

By looking at the key metrics on this page, you can quickly get a sense for some interesting engagement patterns. You’ll see the percentages for the amount of library viewed, as well as subscribers who are watching new content, active fans, and bingers.

content percentages
Fig. 1 – Audience percentages showing amount of library viewed, subscribers watching new content, active fans, and bingers.

You can dig deeper and explore your most popular titles, content that correlates highly with new trials, and clusters of shows that users watch, along with the attendant lifetime value of those cohorts.  When you layer ratings into this exploration you can see opportunities to surface hidden gems and guilty pleasures for promotion.

10 most popular first content engagements
Fig. 2 – Top 10 most popular first content engagements after a new trial user begins using the service.

You can even analyze how well your library matches the interests of your subscriber base by looking at a breakdown by genre and comparing it to relative time spent viewing content.  This is valuable in terms of library curation as well as future content licensing strategies.

content library breakdown
Fig. 3 – Does your library content match the preferences of your audience?

The goal of these unique insights is to give you an immediate sense for the content that your subscribers are engaging with, and how they are engaging, as well as the ability to dig deeper into these relationships to find actionable insights that help you improve the health of your business.

To learn more about Content Engagement, as well as how to get better visibility into your customers, how to understand conversions and lost customers, and how to make data-driven decisions with milestones, download our whitepaper today.

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