Improving SVoD Analytics for Video Services

It’s been a while since we’ve written about improvements to the Wicket Scorecard. We are striving for it to be the most effective tool for our customers when it comes to understanding SVoD analytics. Subscription video services are involved in a constantly changing OTT marketplace, so it is important that we are continually iterating and adding value to our product in support of their work, driving more informed decision-making and better results with data-driven, actionable insights.

A fair amount of our advancement comes by way of inspiration from our customers; either through direct feedback or from our team noticing interesting trends in the data. Read below for a summary of some of our most notable updates and latest product integrations.

Feature Updates

Geographic Data

Adding a powerful new data source like geolocation to several of the Wickets in the Wicket Scorecard enables our customers to better understand where their SVoD service is popular and dial in their marketing, content curation, and other consumer connections based on regional differences.

Customers by location

Geographic data has been added to some Wickets throughout the Wicket Scorecard as a dimension to pivot data.

This information is useful for breaking down consumption relative to geography and seeing associated dimensions like:

  1. Subscription Plan
  2. Distribution Channel
  3. Lifetime Value
  4. Monthly Average Usage

Improved Date Range Granularity

The time picker for the top-level Wicket on each page in the Wicket Scorecard has added functionality. Quick changes to date ranges are easily accessible in the standard pivot, now with even more options. Additionally, We’ve added the ability to target specific dates through a calendar picker or a visual slider option. Lastly was adding a granularity filter to view by day, week or month.

chart of customer count

Top-level Wickets now have improved date range granularity

Distribution Channels

video distribution iconOur most recent major update has been the addition of the Distribution page to the Wicket Scorecard, not only as a page but also offered as a standalone product for companies who only want to get a universal view into their third-party distribution channels and app stores.

This update brings forth several important benefits. Three of the most important being:

  1. No more logging in to multiple systems, cobbling together reports
  2. No more guesswork about payments received & future payments
  3. Insights into what’s working and what is not with app store partners

New Dimensions Added

Since we all know “content is king,” the Content page is one of the more utilized in the Wicket Scorecard for important reasons. The Wickets on this page provide a narrative about how engaging, satisfying, and valuable your video content is.

new pivots available on chart of trial drivers

Trial drivers showing the new set of pivots available.

These Wickets were made even more insightful with the addition of some new dimensions that can be pivoted to allow a different way of seeing your content and deepening the perspective we provide:

  1. Franchise
  2. Series
  3. Season
  4. Title
  5. Genre

Introduced the Attention Index

attention index iconThe Attention Index measures how well a piece of video content resonates with your viewers. This can help to uncover hidden gems in your library which are worthy of additional promotion. Or, it can help you identify content to de-emphasize and further refine your library to balance what your viewers want.

Improved LTV Retention Curves

audience lifetime value iconWe improved our LTV calculation to take into account the actual survival curves of our customers. An accurate Lifetime Value number lets you invest with confidence in acquiring more customers, license more content to address churn or allow you to lower the price of your service to capture even more streaming customers.

New Integrations

In addition to added features, we’ve been busy increasing our robust lineup of partners and integrations. Following is a list the latest data integrations we’ve completed for the Wicket Scorecard.


Google Analytics for Firebase is an app measurement solution that provides insight into app usage and user engagement, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding app marketing and performance optimizations. Because Google is Sunsetting the Google Analytics mobile-apps reporting, GA for Firebase will become the new standard for video app analytics under this platform.


Axinom provides a comprehensive OTT and IPTV solution that allows their customers to launch service offerings across all modern devices with unlimited scalability.


Conviva provides real-time video intelligence to leading content providers that can detect and diagnose issues that impact consumer experience and engagement.


iStreamPlanet provides an end-to-end video workflow for D2C OTT businesses from signal acquisition to the streaming app experience.


Sailthru’s technology platform provides a single customer view designed to inform marketing programs, segmentation, and is a cross-channel email marketing and automation solution. Our integration pushes Wicket objects to Sailthru, enhancing the customer profile and contributes to their advanced personalization solutions.


As a Segment Select Certified Partner, exported subscribers plus relevant data from the Wicket Scorecard can be imported into Segment to be utilized by the hundreds of different marketing systems that have built their own integrations into Segment, making our Subscriber Export feature that much more impactful to your business.


Vindicia subscription billing and recurring payment solutions help video services optimize online business models by managing trials, subscribers, and billing.

What’s Next?

As always, we have a LOT of really cool updates coming soon to the Wicket Scorecard. We have our collective “ear to the ground” working on solutions for different segments of the industry, in addition to integrating new ideas into existing areas and features of the Wicket Scorecard.

Do you have some ideas that you think we haven’t thought of yet? Let us know. We’re always welcome to feedback to make our audience insights platform the most complete solution for saving you time and money while managing your subscription video business.


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