How to Find More Happy Subscribers with Lookalike Campaigns

The Power of Intelligent Targeting

In today’s highly competitive OTT market, marketers face challenges ensuring their promotions are presented to the right people. They need to stand out to the correct audience if they have a chance of improving the acquisition rates for a video service.

With over 200 OTT services in North America alone, this can be a daunting, yet critical task. Video services increasingly rely on sophisticated targeting to ensure their message reaches the hearts and minds of the target audience. Utilizing user data to enhance marketing campaigns is critical to marketing success.

Lookalike campaigns are a way to reach new prospects who are likely to be interested in your video service because they are delivered to users with similar traits to existing subscribers. It empowers video services to attract more subscribers who are likely to bring a higher lifetime value (LTV) to the business.

Harness the Power of CHI

Lookalike campaigns built with the Wicket Scorecard leverage a video service’s data sources to target new prospects in interesting ways. Using metrics like the CHI score (Customer Happiness Index) can be a powerful method to reach a new audience with similar traits as your happiest customers. This creates an ideal profile to convert more subscribers that are likely to be long-term customers.

Leverage the Actionable Insights of Subscriber Export

Most marketers already know the importance of harnessing big data to achieve maximum impact. Unfortunately, as stated in our previous post, many feel they lack experience translating data into actionable insights feel their data is still controlled and applied by a select number of specialized, siloed entities within the organization. The Wicket Scorecard addresses both of these issues by aggregating and integrating data providing the ability to export based on highly-contextual scenarios.

The rest of this post explains how to leverage Subscriber Export in the Wicket Scorecard by targeting Lookalike Audiences with Facebook Ads. We also have guides for Google Ads Customer Match and Twitter Business Tailored Audiences.

A Final Note

Finding more happy customers is just one of the many ways to leverage Subscriber Export in the Wicket Scorecard. Stay tuned to our blog over the coming weeks as we give provide “how-tos” for more scenarios facing video services today including acquisition, trial conversion, engagement, retention, and enticing former subscribers to reconnect. To ensure you do not miss a post, subscribe to our newsletter and arm yourself with the knowledge to keep your video service healthy, your subscribers happy, and boost your audience lifetime value.


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