Getting the Most Out of Your SVoD Content Library

We recently published a high-level overview of our Content KPI page, designed to give our customers several insights into audience engagement with their SVoD content library. In this post, we’ll dig into one of the more exciting Wickets on this page, called the Content Explorer. This Wicket pulls together an interesting set of measurements to give you new and valuable ways to look at your library.

The Content Explorer lives up to its name, giving you some powerful new insights and concrete ways to better leverage your content by looking at your library through several lenses. We start by loading a list view of your top 100 titles in terms of audience size. This presents an easy way to understand which content is aggregating your largest audiences, which can be used to aid in promotion and curation of your content. To get additional insight, you can easily sort this list by several other dimensions, to better understand:

  • Audience trending
  • Content with highest % of fans
  • Your highest rated content
  • Average completion rate
Content Explorer


Fig. 1 – The Content Explorer.

Like most Wickets, this list is governed by the time picker at the top of the KPI page. This enables a view of the big picture over several months or a year, but also allows you focus on the last month or week to see more immediate trends and opportunities.

Content Explorer, change time period


Fig. 2 – The Content Explorer time range picker.

This list can be filtered by genre, to easily focus on particular parts of your library for more specific, targeted actions. For example, if you are running a Romantic Comedy promotion around a holiday, it would be easy to find the highest rated, movies or shows in that category.

Content Explorer, filter by genre


Fig. 3 – Filtering by genre in The Content Explorer.

We’ve also added in some handy queries that organize the content by a combination of ratings and audience size. This presents some interesting opportunities to do more with your content. You can query for “Hidden Gems” which display a list of titles that are highly rated but have a relatively small audience. This is a great opportunity to promote highly acclaimed content that your audience hasn’t seen yet. You can also look at Blockbusters, Guilty Pleasures, and Duds. In the last category, there is an opportunity to prune your library, making it easier for your customers to find something enjoyable to watch, including Guilty Pleasures which viewers love to watch, but rate poorly (hmm).

Content Explorer, organize by ratings and audience size


Fig. 4 – Organize content by a combination of ratings & audience size.

Additionally, there are more subtle insights to gain from the content explorer. It’s easy to see which shows have the highest percentage of fans (users who watch at least 80% of available episodes for a season, with 5 episodes or more), which is an indicator of not only loyalty but likely value attribution. Also, looking at completion rate can provide insight into how satisfying a show is, and may correlate to future viewing.

In addition to the list view of your top content, we have developed a novel, but intuitive way of exploring content relationships, which we’ll dive into in a future post.

In summary, the Content Explorer is a great way to quickly gain insights into the effectiveness of your library and where there are opportunities to improve your promotion and curation of your content to best meet the interests and tastes of your audience, ultimately driving value attribution and lifetime value higher.

If you would like to further examine the capabilities of the Content Explorer and see the relationships that exist between the different content in your service, request a demo with our team.


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