Exploring New Dimensions

Here at Wicket Labs, we’re always looking for new, valuable ways to leverage the OTT data we harmonize for our customers. Sometimes a new insight emerges from combining and presenting existing data in different ways, and sometimes adding new data to an existing Wicket opens up new discoveries. We’ve done a little bit of both, to powerful effect, in our latest product updates, which I’ll outline below.

Seeing Your Content Through Multiple Lenses

Our content page is one of the most used in the Wicket Scorecard, for good reason. The Wickets on this page all provide a narrative about how your audience is engaging with your content and how satisfying and valuable that engagement is.

We’ve made the Wickets on this page even more insightful by adding some additional dimensions that can be used as pivots. These new dimensions include:

  • Franchise: This is a way of looking at entities like CSI, Starwars or Top Chef that have multiple series, movies, etc as part of them
  • Series: This is one level below franchise, CSI Miami, Top Chef Masters or Game of Thrones, for example
  • Season: A sequential collection of episodes of series, typically on an annual basis. For example, Sopranos, Season 6
  • Title: A single episode, movie or other entity
  • Genre: Categories of content such as Action, Comedy, Drama, etc.

The first four of these dimensions allow you to see specific content performance at a full spectrum of granularity ranging from the franchise level, which you might want to look at over a few years, down to the title level, which can be interesting to examine at the weekly level.

Along the way, you can look at how series compare to one another and how specific seasons of a series perform.

Using “genre” as the primary dimension gives a bigger picture view of content engagement.

By integrating these dimensions into several Wickets we’re broadening and deepening the perspective that we provide. For example, now our customers can look at Trial Drivers (first content a new trialist watches, Fig. 1) through all of these different lenses.

  • Which genres bring customers in?
  • What franchises have performed the best over the past year?
  • Which titles are hot this week?

Trial drivers pivots

Fig. 1 – Trial Driver dimensions; genre, franchise, series, season, tile, allow you to see specific content performance at a full spectrum of granularity.

All of these questions can be answered easily with the added value of seeing attendant conversion rates. These insights can be used to drive decisions in terms of curation, promotion, and even procurement, making each connection to consumers more thoughtful and valuable.

By adding these new dimensions to several Wickets, we’re realizing more value out of the data in our system and delivering that value directly to our customers.

Adding “Where”, to Who, What and When

We’re excited to add a new data source to several Wickets, which is geolocation. This is a case where we are bringing a data source into the Wicket Scorecard that many of our customers currently don’t have or leverage. By adding a geographic dimension to several Wickets, our customers can now better understand where their service is popular and look for regional differences that may influence marketing, content curation, and other consumer connections. For example, we’ve added viewing location to our Customers by Dimension Wicket (Fig. 2), so we can show video consumption relative to geography and then tie that to additional dimensions like sales channel and payment plan.

Customers by location

Fig. 2 – Customers by Location gives you a better understand where a service is popular and look for regional differences.

We’ll continue to leverage the data we already manage and explore new data sources to add, in service of giving our customers new insights to act on. If you like to take a deeper dive into these new dimensions please feel free to connect with us online, or better yet come see us at NAB!


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