Expert guide: How to Win-back Lost Subscribers as Competition Increases

The streaming wars are heating up. Download our latest guide and discover how to use data to your advantage for reconnecting subscribers that churn.

The SVoD space has never been hotter. In recent months there has been a surge in consumption and conversion, leading everyone from Netflix to niche service to reap the benefits.

Expert Guide: How to Win-back Lost Subscribers

At the same time though, competition has increased. There are more platforms out there than ever, with many others due to launch later this year. They’re all vying for their share of the consumer wallet, working hard to bring new users on board, and doing all they can to lure them away from other providers.

As the streaming wars heat up, heightened competition will naturally cause the risk of churn to rise. Other factors will likely have an impact too, such as when shelter-at-home orders lift and people get back to normal.

So, what should be done?

Increased churn may be the reality that’s on the horizon for SVoD services, but it’s important to remember this doesn’t mean the end of the subscriber relationship. A lost subscriber doesn’t have to be lost forever, particularly when data insights are used to make re-engagement campaigns highly targeted.

By taking action today to prepare for tomorrow, SVoD providers can mitigate rising competition by adopting best practices to reconnect lost subscribers. And, while they’re at it, take action to convert those subscribers into loyal fans to double down on long-term growth.

Find out how in our latest expert guide.

What will you learn?

Download and discover:

  • What subscriber types are at heightened risk of churn
  • Why it’s important to look beyond conversion for long-term growth
  • How to implement a data-driven customer journey
  • The importance of deep data analytics for pre-empting subscriber churn
  • A new approach for maximizing subscriber health and lifetime value


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