Expert guide: How to Move Subscribers from Trialist to Die-hard Fan

As competition increases, SVoD services must work harder to progress new users through each stage of the customer lifecycle. Download our latest guide and discover actionable advice on how to enhance each stage to increase subscriber loyalty.

There are at least 300 video-on-demand services in the US alone. With consumers already spoiled for choice, and every new service competing for their share of consumer attention, the effective use of data will be what separates the winners from losers in today’s crowded SVoD arena.


Why is data so important to the customer lifecycle?

sub lifecycle expert guide

Data levels the playing field. It enables SVoD businesses of any shape and size to attract, convert, and retain subscribers for the long term. Data analysis reveals where to divert marketing spend for peak performance. It is key to understanding why users act the way they do, and what can be done to proactively change their behavior. And, with the right approach, data insights can even systematize these processes, increasing the likelihood of new users converting into loyal, die-hard fans with much greater frequency.

But how can SVoD businesses get a better handle on the flow of data crossing their platforms? What metrics should they be tracking to increase the chances of converting new users into long-term subscribers? And how can data insights help a streaming service reach its full potential, and continue to grow its bottom line for years to come?

Find out in our latest expert guide.

What you will learn

Download and discover:

  • How every stage of the subscriber lifecycle is unique
  • What a data-driven, insights-focused customer lifecycle looks like
  • Why not all data visualization tools are created equal
  • What metrics help to enhance each stage of the subscriber journey
  • How to create a data-driven cycle of success


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