End-to-end Guide: Using Data Analytics to Drive SVoD Business Growth

From content promotion to new user acquisition and beyond, the effective use of data impacts every aspect of streaming video success. Download this guide to get practical advice on how to make the most of the data goldmine you’re sitting on.

Data is all around us, especially for SVoD services. Vast data lakes span the tech stacks of every streaming service, meaning they’re sitting on reams of insightful information. And, in today’s competitive market, the difference between moderate and rapid growth often comes down to what they do with it.

E2E guide video streaming success with data

Turning data into a competitive advantage

Big data is not about data. It’s about analytics. But, with so much information to understand and process, making decisions that will help grow your business as a result of data analysis is difficult unless you have a clear picture of what’s noise and what’s worth tracking.

Which data points can help you understand the hidden value of your content library? How can you draw connections between your trial drivers and best marketing channels to increase conversion? What’s best practice for identifying a happy subscriber? And what should you be looking out for when turning to third-party marketplaces to enhance your platform’s reach?

The answers to these questions and more are in our definitive guide to using data for video streaming success.

What you will learn

The guide includes best practices from our team’s experience, case studies and live examples from our international customer base, and data-led research on the future of streaming video.

Download and discover:

  • How to pull data from across your back-end systems to get actionable insights
  • Tangible advice on maximizing the value of your content library
  • Considerations for getting the most out of third-party marketplace relationships
  • Tips to scale acquisition and keep viewers coming back for more
  • How to take data analysis further to grow your audience’s lifetime value


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