Discoverable Data

A way to keep UI simple, while packing in relevant information. There is no shortage of insights, metrics, and other interesting informational nuggets that we could present in our Scorecard, and we’re always looking to improve on this. A real challenge that we take on every day is how to avoid information overload – the point where understanding is diminished through the addition of too many things to absorb. 

To strike this balance we have employed pop-ups and mouse-overs throughout our product for users that want to dig a little deeper, and see more. This allows us to keep the Scorecard UI from becoming overloaded, and provides an easily discoverable pathway to more information.

Customer Count Over Time

Easy Exploration

A great example of discoverable data, is that our primary graphs have a simple explore icon (box with upward arrow in picture) that spawns a powerful exploration tool.

The explorer tool is hidden because it adds a lot of unnecessary complexity for those simply wanting to understand the basic graph. For those that want to explore more fine-grained views, it’s all available with the click of the mouse.

Customer Data Pivots

In this view, users can pivot to explore trends within very specific user segments, and answer all kinds of questions that the basic graph might pose.

Mousing Over to See More

Moving your mouse around in the Wicket Scorecard reveals another layer of highly contextual information in many Wickets. This is another way that we keep the insights simple, so that they can be easily absorbed, but allow for easy discovery of helpful data. You can see how this comes into play on our Conversions chart. In this case we’re providing the convenience of doing the math for the point in time that the graph was hovered over. For added context, we provide a description of the milestone set for that day.

Converted Subscribers with Overlay

We often add in contextual information to the mouse-over that is not in the graph itself. In the example below we provide average session length along with the number of sessions on that day.

Sessions Over Time with OverlayFinally we sometimes add information and functionality into these mouse overs, that would otherwise clutter the interface. Below is a great example of this, where we provide insight into audience overlap across two titles, and allow for audience segment export directly from the mouse over. This allows Wicket Scorecard users to easily find and target audiences without the overhead of added controls in the chart interface.

Content Explorer w Overlay

If you are a current user of our Scorecard, we hope you take full advantage of what you can unlock with a little mouse action. If you are new to Wicket Labs, we’d love to show you more about how we’ve put the idea of discoverable data to work in our Scorecard.


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