Data Engineer, Kat Schelonka, Participating in WICT Rocky Mountain Tech it Out Panel

Panel: Show & Tech

Kat Schelonka, Data Engineer

Kat Schelonka, Data Engineer

The 2018 Show & Tech segment, led by Leslie Ellis, a WICT Woman of the Year and WICT Avant Garde recipient, will serve up the latest in relevant new technologies — and especially how Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision contribute to our overall … happiness. Including: AR glasses that can tell you what you’re seeing; a Customer Happiness Index based on Machine Learning principles; a WiFi Happiness Index that uses Machine Learning to apply objective data to the subjective; a check-in on the health of a local beehive via sensors; and a way to soften explosive sounds in TV programs for people with PTSD. If time: Leslie’s latest “Best & Worst of the Internet of Things At This Moment In Time.”


Kat Schelonka, Data Engineer, Wicket Labs


Leslie Ellis, owner of Ellis Edits Inc. and, a Denver-based analysis/writing firm specializing in the technologies used in cable, multichannel, and broadband delivery systems.


Thursday, November 8th, 2018
10:30am – 11:30am MST
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WICT Rocky Mountain Tech it Out
4400 E Kentucky Ave | Glendale, CO 80246


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