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Understanding the Customer Experience to Increase Subscriber Acquisition

UMC is the first-to-market streaming channel catering to African-American and urban audiences offering a range of content to viewers. Founded by Robert L. Johnson, Chairman of RLJ Entertainment and founder of  BET, the female-focused service delivers original series, independent films, drama, romance, comedy, as well as fan-favorites such as Boomerang and Love Jones.

“Our sister streaming service, Acorn TV, had been using the Wicket Scorecard. We saw the capabilities of the dashboard and the great value Acorn TV was getting out of it,” said Sylvia George, the General Manager of UMC, who has been with RLJ Entertainment for 20 years.

Understand the subscriber

At the time they adopted the Wicket Scorecard, UMC felt there was more knowledge to be gained about the consumer experience with their content. “We didn’t have the depth of data that the Wicket Scorecard offers. We had developed a lot of capability internally on a dashboard for other types of data but this was much more sophisticated,” said George.

George also noted, “There were layers of data in the Wicket Scorecard that take you further into the customer experience which we didn’t have access to with our current dashboard; for instance, understanding at a deeper level the behavior of people who were watching one title and what else they would watch following that. Being able to understand the customer experience beyond the surface has been incredibly helpful. Especially when it comes to things like the Customer Happiness Index (CHI®). This was a really compelling feature for us and we’ve used to great effect in our marketing efforts.”

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Creating a Positive Impact

“The most notable benefit has been being able to export CHI data to use in lookalike audiences for Facebook and Instagram campaigns.”

Having a deeper level of information at their fingertips has led to better marketing decisions in how, when, and where UMC presents their content. Content Explorer has driven efficiency in their ability to suggest further content to subscribers. “Being able to use it to make recommendations in an email blast or marketing, in general, has been really helpful to our business to maintain engagement and retain subscribers,” said George. The Wicket Scorecard has strengthened what they were already doing by amplifying the knowledge they needed to really understand the subscriber experience.

“The most notable benefit has been being able to export CHI data to use in lookalike audiences for Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Those have been very efficient (low CPA) and one of our best performing audiences on those platforms for our subscriber acquisition,” added George. The UMC marketing team expanded the use of Facebook and Instagram for subscriber acquisition and continues to use this tactic today to drive acquisition at an efficient level.

Continued Success

Adopting a new tool in a new business category can come with risks:

  • The tool does not perform as advertised
  • Employees may not adopt
  • Inadequate training
  • The technology does not advance

UMC Original Series: Monogamy

There is always a risk of taking on a new tool and it does not work as expected but George noted that “Since we had already seen the success of Acorn TV’s usage, we had very little concern here. We have weekly calls with the Customer Success team and they have been great about keeping us updated on new feature releases. They’re also instrumental in helping us to leverage CHI to create those lookalike audiences and critical in helping us implement the features in actual, real-life scenarios.

“I’m most impressed with how Wicket Labs is constantly evolving the product and keeping us in the loop about that evolution. A lot of products evolve but they do a particularly good job at that. Now we have a tool that is even more useful and more beneficial than when we began using the Wicket Scorecard,” added George. “Having so much actionable data to drive acquisition and achieve the results we have has been impressive.”

“I’m most impressed with how Wicket Labs is constantly evolving the product and keeping us in the loop about that evolution.

The Wicket Scorecard comes packed with features that tackle the main problems most streaming video services are facing. By providing data-driven, actionable insights, Urban Movie Channel has integrated the Wicket Scorecard into their daily processes to leverage it for continued success.

George concluded, “I feel like we haven’t even tapped into the full capabilities of the Wicket Scorecard, even with the success we’ve had. Every time the Customer Success team shows us a feature I think, ‘Oh my gosh, we need to use that!’ There are probably 10 things on my list like that. That’s the good part about having such a robust tool like an Audience Insights Platform!”

A House Divided

UMC Original Series: A House Divided

Increase Audience Lifetime Value Through Data-driven Insights

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