Customer Success: Up Faith & Family

The Challenge

UP Faith & Family is America’s favorite streaming service for families. Subscribers can instantly access commercial-free hours of endless family and faith-friendly entertainment anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The service is available on many different platforms and devices. As a relatively new service in the increasingly competitive family and faith-friendly space, it is very important for UP Faith & Family to have clear visibility into the performance of their business, be able to identify positive and negative trends, and turn those insights into immediate action. It was difficult to understand how they were performing at each stage across the customer lifecycle and across each channel with many disparate backend data systems.

New Insights at a Glance

UP Faith & Family partnered with Wicket Labs to help create additional visibility into the subscription business through the Wicket Scorecard. To help create valuable insights, Wicket Labs quickly pulled data together from all backend systems, harmonized complex sets of data into a single data repository used to publish detailed visualizations of key business metrics that allows UP Faith & Family a real-time view into the performance of its business and performance at each stage of the customer lifecycle. In addition, company executives are able to get a historical view into how the business has performed over time all the way back to the original launch of the service.

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UP Faith & Family case study

Insights into Action

Making sense of a complex set of critical business metrics only solves part of the problem. Through the use of tools built into the Wicket Scorecard, UP Faith & Family has also been able to take action to replicate successful business initiatives and manage the areas that need more attention. The Wicket Scorecard has helped create an understanding of how content was being consumed, how well customers were converting from trials, how many happy customers are in the service, and the ability to message them directly with the right message at the right time.

Partnership Leads to Results

While the Wicket Scorecard has been a valuable tool in understanding and utilizing their internal data, Wicket Labs also partners with UP Faith & Family on a personal level to help unlock the full value of the Scorecard. The Client Services team at Wicket Labs rolls up their sleeves and looks at the data, consults industry practices and trends, and recommends actions and campaigns to help improve overall performance. This is just part of the service.

Wicket Labs also benefits from a great partner, including a willingness to try new things and practical product feedback from the UP Faith & Family team.

Wicket Labs is astonishingly brilliant with data, and their continued support to over-deliver, optimize and liberate fragmented data from silos is nothing short of amazing. The Client Service team’s passion and expertise for signals driving to conversion at each stage of the customer lifecycle is what drew us to them. With new features and visuals released quarterly, the scorecard, strategy, and engineering are summed up in one word…wicket.

Dre Barnes

Senior Director, Innovation/Tech, UPtv

Together, Wicket Labs and UP Faith & Family have addressed a critical business need and delivered significant business benefit across the customer lifecycle.


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