Customer Acquisition Cost Over Time

Adding new customers in a cost-effective manner is one of the key attributes of a successful subscription business. It means that marketing spend is targeted well, and that target customers are responding to your outreach.

Customers come from many sources, but a large portion generally comes from direct to consumer marketing campaigns and outreach activities.  It is important to measure and monitor your Customer Acquisition Cost over time, giving you a view into the total average cost of acquiring a subscriber and showing the number of trials gained as a result of the marketing efforts.

chart of customer acquisition cost over time
Fig. 1 – Customer Acquisition Cost over time cart from the Wicket Scorecard.

Understanding Customer Acquisition Cost relative to Trials Gained is an important first step in enabling you to focus your marketing spend on the most profitable channels. The Wicket Scorecard provides additional views into your marketing activity including Customer Status by Source and Conversion Breakdowns through a classic funnel of Learn, Try, Buy.

We’d love to tell you more about our marketing-focused Wickets and show you how they can help you to monitor your customer acquisition costs over time.

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