Comparing Live/Linear vs VOD Content

At Wicket Labs we initially focused very tightly on SVOD services, so naturally our content insights centered around this model. As our customer base has grown and diversified, we now have services that include and sometimes focus on live and linear content.

This evolution has pushed us to expand our functionality so that it is easier to see the performance of linear and especially live event content separate from VOD consumption. 

To make this really easy, we added a new control to one of our most interactive content Wickets; the Content Catalog. We now make it easy to look at Live/Linear content broken out separately from VOD. You can also choose some new date ranges that include last 30, 90, and 365 days. 

Wicket Scorecard Content Catalog - Live





The Impact of Live Events

Seeing the impact of live events is especially important. Unlike VOD, that is truly untethered from a specific appointment, a live event represents a point in time and usually a lot of investment in making it happen or licensing it. While there is usually a catchup VOD asset available, the live consumption is what drives the business value for these customers. Easily seeing this content on its own is essential to the live event-focused service. We also encourage our customers to model significant live events as milestones in their Scorecards so that it’s easy to see correlations between live events and things like trial starts, re-engaged viewers, and win-backs. 

Wicket Scorecard Content Catalog-SportBecause many live events are sports-related, we have developed additional metadata taxonomy that makes it easy to see live events through the lenses of sport, league, season, and individual events.

Linear vs VOD

It is also interesting to look at linear content consumption independently from VOD and then compare the two. They are often composed of the same library but presented in different modes. Often, top linear content consumption is dependent on channel/day part but if content is premiering on linear prior to moving to VOD, this can be a great early indicator of future VOD success (or not). It can help curation and promotional teams think about how to best leverage that content in the VOD window.  Linear premieres are another great candidate for setting milestones so the whole team can see the impact on other important metrics. 

While these are pretty simple, they can make a big difference and we’re excited to keep pushing forward with our content insights. Coming soon; some really powerful queries that we call Smart Views. Stay tuned! 

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