Comcast X1 App Store Integration

We’re expanding the Distribution page of the Wicket Scorecard with another important, third-party distribution channel; the Comcast X1 App Store and you can access it in your account today.

Just a quick post today but an important one. The Distribution page in the Wicket Scorecard is growing. Already a great place to see integrated data from your third-party app stores and distribution partners, we’re expanding it to incorporate the integrations that matter to your video business.

Xfinity X1 logoFor many of our customers and most OTT video services, third-party channels make up at least a part of their go-to-market strategy. Increasingly they have struck distribution partnerships with Comcast’s X1 App Store. So, naturally, they want to see reporting data from this store alongside their data from direct integrations with the Amazon Channel Store, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and the Roku Channel Store. Our Distribution page now fully supports the integration of the X1 App Store reports.

OTT services have a powerful tool to compare the performance of their D2C video business with each of these partners. This provides simple but powerful and time-saving insight to see how each channel performs versus the others.

We have several Wickets that help with this:

Store Breakdown wicket on Distribution tab

One of several wickets on the Distribution tab that puts all of your third-party distribution channels in one, simple-to-use place.

We can’t emphasize enough the value of having this partner data in one place. Not only does it provide a complete view of the business, but it saves so much time for teams that spend hours per week compiling these kinds of reports manually. With the Wicket Scorecard, it’s all integrated and automated, so you just have to log in to see your aggregated reports.

To check this out, simply log into your account and navigate to the Distribution page. This is a separate add-on to the Wicket Scorecard. Or, learn more about how you can save time and gain deeper insight into the performance of your OTT distribution partners, drop us a line!


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