CEO, Marty Roberts, guests on the Lawyer Who Rocks Podcast

Recently, our CEO, Marty Roberts, sat down with Joleen Hughes, of Hughes Media Law Group on The Lawyer Who Rocks podcast to talk about growing up in the Seattle area, startup life, Marty’s Law of Corporate Common Sense, and all of the nerdtastic data at Wicket Labs.

Marty Roberts & Joleen Hughes

Description: Data. Data. Data. In the tech world, all we hear about is the importance of data. Marty Roberts, CEO of Wicket Labs shares how his nerdtastic idea to bridge the gap from insights to action led to the creation of ground-breaking data analytic products. As a seasoned and respected tech veteran, Marty has great insights on creating a corporate culture. If that weren’t enough, you will learn Marty’s Law of Corporate Common Sense.

Marty Roberts - The Nerdtastic Benefits of Leveraging Data


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