API Monitoring and Vendor Selection

As we enter a new year, it’s common for companies to review their existing vendors and identify new vendors to support new initiatives. The challenge is in separating the marketing hype from reality and validating the sales engineers’ promises. API Monitoring can be a helpful tool in this process.

API Performance

Setting up an API monitor against a trial account should be an easy first action by any technical evaluation team. From this, you can evaluate an API’s response time against a current vendor API, or for a new technology, what it should add to the overall load time for the site or app. Any performance or operational issues that occur during the trial should also be explained. These may include routine maintenance windows or they may be serious glitches in their system. System issues impact every technology at some point. The key is understanding how the vendor responds to an issue as well as what their RCA process looks like.

Common Wickets

When other customers of the API use the Wicket Scorecard, we can produce a baseline map of the API. We call these Common Wickets. This creates a starting threshold your team can measure against your API query. Is your response time within a normal operating range or does it slow the API’s ability to produce a result. As more customers use the same API, best practices are culled from the crowd, resulting in an optimized query.


Understanding the history of a vendor’s API is also important. How many API problems have occurred over the last year? Do they meet their uptime or response time SLAs? How has performance changed over the last 3 months or year? The answers may lead you to stick with a current vendor or, by evaluating a common Wicket, feel more assured as you select a new vendor to play a mission-critical role in your technology stack.

We Can Help

Wicket Labs can assist in your vendor evaluation process. Since every technical team is stretched, our client team is available to build new API monitors for competing vendors and review their API’s performance against norms. Common Wickets are available on the Bench and can be added to your Roster for a look into the API’s history. Contact Us to learn more about using API monitoring as part of your vendor evaluation or get started today with our free Friendly Account.


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