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Wicket Labs Insight – Customer Count

Welcome back!  In last week’s Wicket Labs Insight, we showed how the Wicket Scorecard helps you understand how customers Learn, Try and Buy your service, how you can use that data to visualize your most effective acquisition channels and optimize your marketing spend...

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API Monitoring and Vendor Selection

As we enter a new year, it’s common for companies to review their existing vendors and identify new vendors to support new initiatives. The challenge is in separating the marketing hype from reality and validating the sales engineers’ promises. API Monitoring can be a...

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At the TV of Tomorrow Show in New York last week, I sat down with a group of video quality experts to discuss how online video providers should approach quality delivery online. It soon became apparent that there are still big challenges with the basics, like video start time, and buffering. This led me to ask the panelist: “Can we ever reach or better traditional televisions reliability and quality of delivery online?”

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Can OTT video match TV’s reliability, quality of delivery?

Last week at the TV of Tomorrow Show in New York, Wicket Labs CEO Marty Roberts joined a panel of industry experts to discuss the importance of quality in OTT. Industry analyst Colin Dixon sums up the discussion in his latest post: At the TV of Tomorrow Show in New...

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