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What is an Audience Insights Platform?

This whitepaper answers that question and makes a case for employing an audience insights platform to get control of your data and begin to take action on the insights it provides.

Download our Audience Insights Platform whitepaper to learn how the Wicket Scorecard can help you to increase the Audience Lifetime Value of your video business.

  • The primary function of an Audience Insights Platform is to optimize the lifetime value (LTV) for your audience

  • A better understanding of an audience and its lifetime value requires aggregating data from the various systems to track the complete customer journey

  • With a better understanding of the state of the business, the team can focus on the best customer acquisition tactics

  • The harmonized dataset, tracking a customer throughout their lifecycle, can easily be exported for upload into the most popular CRM and Marketing platforms

Download the Whitepaper

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Improve Audience Lifetime Value

Leverage data-driven decisions to improve your Audience Lifetime Value.

Reduce Subscriber Churn with CHI

A new view into your customer...happiness! Based on content, activity, loyalty, & experience.

Turn Insights into Action

Actionable insights and subscriber export leads to better subscription video businesses.

Turn Actions into Insights

Easy on-boarding, ideas, & best-practices based on your Wicket Scorecard data.

Third-Party Distribution

A universal view into third-party distribution channels & app stores.

Audience Insights
The Wicket Scorecard is the only audience insights platform for video companies who need data-driven insights into their video business that drive more informed decision making, and better results.
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