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Every subscription video service has an audience of users that range across a spectrum from happy to high risk. Hopefully more on the happy side of the spectrum vs the unhappy/lost side. One of the most powerful uses of a customer happiness indicator is being able to filter those with a higher score when performing a subscriber export and then utilizing that in marketing campaigns.

The tactic of utilizing a happiness score, or what we call the CHI® Score here at Wicket Labs, may be performed across a variety of stages in the customer lifecycle:

Every subscriber is given a CHI score in the Wicket Scorecard once they maintain a long-enough tenure in the video service. Then every subscriber’s CHI score is captured and sustained if/when they churn out of the video service.

The CHI score has so many applications through the process of acquiring and engaging the right customers, keeping them long-term, and winning back former, happy customers. This is a great way to minimize acquisition costs and increase the overall lifetime value for your video service. So you can see how powerful a metric like the CHI score can be when integrated into your overall marketing strategies.

With Subscriber Export in the Wicket Scorecard, you can distinguish fans of a series from those subscribers that just sampled a show. Targeting a specific show and exporting a list of lost customers with a high CHI score can yield a group that would benefit from seeing the new season, series, or movie. You can then refine this list down to just Fans to really refine the list to the people you desire to reach.

With Subscriber Export in the Wicket Scorecard, you can decide the criteria needed to target subscribers at the appropriate stage of the lifecycle. Then, targeting those subscribers with a high CHI score is very simple. After that, you could push them directly into a marketing platform through an integration or download the list to further fine-tune before importing into a marketing platform.

How to Export the List

  1. From an wicket that has the download symbol followed by the number of subscribers matching that category, you can click the icon to begin the process (Fig. 1).
    customer count chart

    Fig. 1 – Wicket Scorecard, Customer Count (primary graph). Export cohorts from here

  2. Filter your export based on the criteria that are important to you and click Export. (Fig. 2)
    happy subscribers export

    Fig. 2 – Choose your export options; Status, Tenure, Last Video View, and CHI Score.

  3. Once you have the list downloaded (Fig. 3), you can integrate the data into your preferred email or marketing automation platform to begin your campaign.
    Subscriber export download

    Fig. 3 – Download your export for further refining or directly send the data into your preferred marketing or email system.

Our Customer Success team has helped many of our customers launch campaigns like this. If your team would benefit from assistance with developing lifecycle campaigns through an integrated data approach such as this, be sure to reach out to us. We’re happy to help your video service get back on track to acquire, retain, and win back those subscribers.