Integration Spotlight: Verizon Media Streaming

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Integration Spotlight

Integration Categories: Online Video Platform 

About Verizon Media Streaming: “The Verizon Media Streaming Platform provides the tools you need to deliver  high-quality live and VOD streaming experiences powered by our encoding, live event, and personalized session management technology – Smartplay

Integration Overview: With this integration we are automatically importing Verizon Media Streaming content metadata into our customer data platform and then harmonizing it with data from other sources that include viewing analytics, and subscriber/billing data. We achieve this by integrating with server-side event push logs which we automatically receive daily.

What It Means: If you are using or plan to use Verizon Media’s Streaming product, we can easily ingest content metadata from them and harmonize it with your subscriber/billing data, view analytics and marketing spend information to populate our customer data platform which we use to power insights in our Wicket Scorecard. This can provide Verizon Media customers with a very rich view of their marketing effectiveness, audience engagement, and content performance. We can also connect to downstream marketing tools via subscriber export that make insights in the Scorecard directly actionable.  We have pre-integrated with a broad collection of products that span these categories, which you can review here