Integration Spotlight: Nami ML

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Integration Spotlight

Integration Category: Subscription Management 

About NAMI ML: Nami ML is a subscription and in-app purchase marketing platform for apps with SDKs for apps on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store.  Because their platform manages the purchase process as well as the subscription lifecycle of the customers, they have rich data to integrate with partners like Wicket Labs.

Integration Overview: Wicket has built a webhook listener that accepts incoming HTTP POST requests from Nami ML. Whenever a user-specific, subscription-level event occurs on Android or iOS platforms, Nami’s product sends a JSON message to the webhook listener.  The message includes important details about each subscription event. Wicket Labs uses the event data to maintain a list of customers on each platform, including their product sku, current subscription status, and more. This subscription data is foundational to the overall metrics provided in the Wicket Scorecard for Nami customers. 

What it means: If you are using or plan to use Nami ML as a subscription management platform for your app stores, we can easily harmonize data we get from them with content metadata, visit & viewing analytics, as well as marketing spend information to provide a complete view of your SVOD service performance. We also provide a bridge to downstream marketing tools for CRM and campaign management, which makes the insights you see directly actionable. 

We have pre-integrated with a broad collection of products that span these categories, which you can review here.