Integration Spotlight: Google Analytics 4

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Integration Spotlight

Integration Category: Engagement & Analytics

About GA4 (Google Analytics 4): GA4 combines traditional Google Analytics & Firebase Analytics to form a comprehensive cross-device analytics framework. GA4 provides marketers with a comprehensive set of analytics that includes attribution, unique visitors, visit events, device usage, session data, and video viewing data. 

Integration Overview: With this integration, we are automatically importing our customers’ data from GA4 to our customer data platform and then harmonizing with data from other sources. We achieve this by integrating with Google’s API and pulling data daily. Given the vast flexibility of GA4 in terms of configuration, we have developed a guide for optimization of GA4 settings in order to work most seamlessly with our Wicket Scorecard and deliver the greatest value. This can be found here

What it means: If you are using or plan to use GA4 for analytics, we can easily ingest this data and harmonize it with your content metadata, subscriber/billing data, and marketing spend information to populate our customer data platform which we use to power insights in our Wicket Scorecard.  We have pre-integrated with a broad collection of products that span these categories, which you can review here