Integration Spotlight: Attribution

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Integration Spotlight

Integration Category: Multi-touch User Attribution

About Attribution: Attribution is an advanced multi-touch attribution company that empowers every marketer with the data to convert more buyers and maximize ROI. With a patent pending approach, Attribution delivers the most complete performance visibility with unmatched usability.

Integration Overview: With this integration we are automatically importing our customers’ multi-touch attribution data from Attribution to our customer data platform and then harmonizing with data from other sources. We achieve this by retrieving view event data from Attribution App on a daily basis.

What it means: If you are using or plan to use Attribution for multi-touch attribution, we can easily ingest this data and harmonize it with your subscriber/billing data and marketing spend information to populate our customer data platform which we use to power insights in our Wicket Scorecard. The pay-off here is that by combining attribution with these additional data sources, we can show our customers which attribution sources & campaigns convert the best and generate the healthiest lifetime value. This in turn can be used to focus marketing budgets where they are truly most effective. We have pre-integrated with a broad collection of products that span these categories, which you can review here.