Integration Spotlight: Prime Video Channels

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Integration Spotlight

Integration Categories: 3rd Party Channel/Distributor

About Amazon Channel Store: Amazon Prime Video Channels is a streaming video platform where third-party video services offer their content as add-on subscriptions to Amazon Prime members. HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax are all partners in the program. The platform effectively allows consumers to select their own à-la-carte channel lineup, where each channel must be purchased separately. 

Integration Overview: With this integration, we are importing Amazon Channel Store view data, subscriber data, and revenue events into our customer data platform and then harmonizing with data from other third-party app stores and distributors. We then display results from all third parties on our Distribution page. 

What it means: If you are using or plan to use Amazon Channel Store as a distribution partner,  we can easily ingest this data and harmonize it with data from your other 3rd party partners and show you all of them in context to one another. This allows our customers to compare partners, and see the totality of their OTT business (direct to consumer + 3rd Parties) in one place. To learn more about our Distribution page click here