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Kaltura’s proven end-to-end OTT TV solutions offer a flexible platform for any business model and a beautiful, personalized user experience. With a track record of successful Tier 1 deployments, Kaltura offers one of the fastest times to market for launching your own OTT platform.

Kaltura contains all of the metadata for video content in a customer’s library. The metadata includes standard information such as title, description, and categories, but also often includes related images (posters, thumbnails) and availability dates when the content is meant to appear or disappear from the site. Kaltura also maintains different renditions of the actual video files, which are intended to be streamed to different devices.

Wicket Labs has an ingest engine to retrieve video metadata from Kaltura. The metadata is tied to video view data, which allows for a richer experience in the Wicket Scorecard. As an example, this enables TV series to include poster art and be filtered using multiple dimensions such as genre, season, or episode.

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