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Google Cloud

With Google Cloud Platform (GCP), one can build, test, and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure for your web, mobile, and backend solutions.


Specifically, BigQuery is Google’s serverless, highly scalable, low-cost enterprise data warehouse that allows one to focus on analyzing data to find meaningful insights. BigQuery makes it easy to securely share insights as datasets, queries, spreadsheets, and reports.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage provides fast, secure, reliable object storage. Data can be organized across different storage classes (at different price points) depending on the frequency at which the data will be accessed.

The Wicket Scorecard stores traffic on Google Cloud Storage from Google Analytics via BigQuery down to each individual, unique hit.  This data allows us to track a user’s journey from visitor to subscriber to when they churn out of the system. It also provides campaign attribution data, which makes it possible to measure the success of each marketing campaign.

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