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Cleeng provides various services geared toward online video businesses. They primarily manage subscribers and handle e-commerce, but have also branched into services to keep videos secure when distributed across the internet.

Customers integrate with Cleeng directly or using a packaged multi-vendor solution such as OTT Flow.

Cleeng manages all product offerings, subscribers, and entitlements. Products (subscriptions, VOD, PPV events, etc.) are designed in Cleeng and made available for purchase on a website. When a user signs up, all of their personal information is stored in Cleeng (including credit card information). When a user purchases a product, Cleeng manages the transaction and grants users the correct level of access. Cleeng also provides customer service tools to manage refunds and churn.

The Cleeng data is thorough for our purposes and available through an API. Wicket Labs has developed an ingest engine to routinely pull in subscriber and revenue data from Cleeng.

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