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About Us

Our Mission

To level the playing field for media companies in an arena where data determines the winners.

To support this mission, we believe in a few key tenets:

  • Data and insights need to flow freely in an organization for the best decisions to be made. Companies that invest in this effort will improve their chances for success.
  • There is a distinct competitive advantage to be gained from creating a virtuous cycle of rapid testing and analysis of results from many data sources.
  • There is huge potential value in aggregating integrated data across customers of OTT Insights. Customers can benefit from sophisticated cohort analysis leading to new insights into best practices, vendor performance, etc.

To accelerate the fulfillment of this mission, we have established four key cultural values. Beyond “it’s the right thing to do”, each value has a business imperative or ‘why’.

Our Values


Our customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders will receive the respect they are due.


We survive and thrive on the merits of our ideas. Therefore, we invest in more perspectives, enable a creative friction to produce the best ideas and encourage an environment to question the status quo.


Knowing your audience is everything when conveying a new idea or motivating them to take action.


Innovation is most frequently a product of asking why, how and why not.
These values are reinforced by specific policies and processes that embed these traits into the organization. This is our ‘how’. This enables our teammates to execute quickly as objectives are pursued and guidance is only required when an initiative or tactic potentially conflicts with a cultural value.

Our Benefits

We offer a competitive health benefits package through Alltech that is specifically designed for technology companies like ours.

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