A Universal View

Into Third-Party Distribution Channels & App Stores

The new Distribution tab in the Wicket Scorecard presents a universal view into third-party distribution channels & app stores & provides a detailed understanding of the effectiveness of each.

Data-Driven Insights for Your Video Business

Wicket Labs, the big data department for media companies, builds the one audience insights platform that provides data-driven, actionable insights and maximizes audience lifetime value. The SVoD analytics in the Wicket Scorecard equip you to gain better visibility into your customers and members, understand how initiatives impact your business, drive engagement with your service, promote a happy customer base through the unique CHI score.

Improve Audience Lifetime Value

Leverage data-driven decisions to improve your Audience Lifetime Value.

Reduce Churn with CHI

Customer Happiness Index based on content, activity, loyalty, & experience.

Turn Insights into Action

Actionable insights and subscriber export leads to better subscription video businesses.

Customer Success Program

Easy on-boarding, ideas, & best-practices based on your Wicket Scorecard data.

Third-Party Distribution

A universal view into third-party distribution channels & app stores.

Meeting Growth Targets

Download our latest whitepaper to go beyond the classic new customers per day or week key metrics to a set of metrics you can take action against.
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Customer Success: Up Faith & Family

By utilizing the Wicket Scorecard, UP Faith & Family have addressed critical business needs and delivered significant business benefit across the complete customer lifecycle.

Download our whitepaper to understand video subscription churn and what steps you can take to reduce it.

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