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Join us on November 21st for a free webinar with 24i and Comcast Technology Solutions as we hear directly from Pure Flix’s Marc Beckwitt how they retooled their video platform for success.

OTT Analytics & Actionable SVoD Insights

We’re the big data department for media companies, building the audience insights platform that provides data-driven, actionable insights and maximizes audience lifetime value. The OTT analytics and SVoD insights in the Wicket Scorecard equip you to gain better visibility into your customers & members, understand how initiatives impact your business, drive engagement with your service, & promote a happy customer base through our unique CHI® score.

Maximize Audience Lifetime Value

Leverage data-driven decisions to improve your Audience Lifetime Value.

Reduce Churn with CHI®

Customer Happiness Index based on content, activity, loyalty, & experience.

Turn Insights into Action

Actionable insights and subscriber export leads to better subscription video businesses.

Customer Success Program

Easy on-boarding, ideas, & best-practices based on your Wicket Scorecard data.

Third-Party Distribution

A universal view into third-party distribution channels & app stores.

Customer Success

Read our latest case study to see how utilizing the Wicket Scorecard, UP Faith & Family have addressed critical business needs and delivered significant business benefit across the complete customer lifecycle.
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The Right Information for the Right Audience

With a world awash in data, sometimes managers need to quickly access important KPIs. Introducing the Wicket Scorecard Summary tab, an executive dashboard.

Download the Wicket Scorecard Overview to find out how to drive results with improved customer acquisition, service engagement, and reduced churn.

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