A New View into Your Customer... Happiness

Introducing the Customer Happiness Index (CHI). We use machine learning and dozens of elements to generate a score based on dimensions of loyalty, content, activity, and experience.

Unique Insights for Your Video Business

The Wicket Scorecard

In the modern television era, where data plays an increasingly larger role in determining the winners, our mission is to combine industry expertise with cloud computing and machine learning to level the playing field. The Wicket Scorecard is the only audience insights platform for media companies who need unique insights into their video business that drive more informed decision making and better results.

Increase Audience Lifetime Value

Solidify your relationships with customers with insights from our Wickets.

Reduce Subscription Churn

Target high-churn products, devices, and sales channels as well as analyze viewing behavior.

Drive Content Engagement

Optimize content promotion, identify fans & bingers, improve your licensing strategy.

Understand and Combat Video Subscription Churn

Download our whitepaper to learn about video subscription churn and what you can do to combat it.
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The Psychology of Binge-Watching

In this hyper-digitized age we live in, where attention spans are shorter than a goldfish, what makes people binge-watch content in the first place? We explore some interesting studies and spark some ideas on how you can keep your audience engaged with your content.

Download our latest whitepaper, Employing an Audience Insights Platform, to understand why to compete in a dynamic market, Media & Entertainment companies will need to begin paying attention to this new software category.

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