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WHERE THE DATA TELLS YOUR STORY. Wicket Labs was founded to address the gap between your siloed data and better decisions based on data-driven insights. The Wicket Scorecard is the only audience insights platform designed to tell a story about your video business from your data. Media companies can improve their decision making to grow audience lifetime value, improve operational reliability and collaborate throughout the process.

AUDIENCE LIFETIME VALUE is a new metric for many media companies as they establish direct relationships with their customers. This KPI can be applied to direct-to-consumer subscriptions, TV-Everywhere and even ad-supported video businesses. Supporting this KPI are a host of charts and graphs (we call them Wickets) detailing:


Customers with counts by month and by product, customer acquisition costs including LTV to CAC ratios, subscription heuristics, and current subscription status by the customer acquisition source.

Customers by Subscription Length

Lost Customers

Lost customers track voluntary and involuntary (credit card expirations) unsubscribes, cancellations by product and primary viewing device/ app, and analyzes the behavior prior to canceling that can be applied as a risk analysis to current customers.


Conversions display a daily count of new customers, measures yield per customer acquisition source and allows a drill-down into each marketing activity to better understand its effectiveness.


Engagement shows video viewing trends, key metrics like percent active subscribers and unique days streamed, and optimal views per session for converting trials and growing your lifetime value.

Video Usage

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