How do you drive your video business when the insights to inform decisions are locked in silos?

We believe that effective use of data will be a decisive factor in determining the winners in the future of television. The continued fragmentation of the traditional pay television audience has created new opportunities and challenges for media companies. Consumers are spending more time on social sites, OTT services, and personal devices. While this has made reaching audiences more complex, the bigger issue is that eventually, revenue should align with attention, which will mean a decline in income from traditional pay television; with the potential to replace it with online offerings.

With these dynamics as a backdrop, media companies have had to find new ways to reach their target audience. These efforts have created new silos of critical data that business leaders need to see, compare and synthesize to make informed decisions, and track their results. To compete effectively in this evolving market, media companies will need a new level of sophistication in their business intelligence tools. As alternative platforms continue to grow, this will become increasingly urgent.

As veterans of cloud computing and the online video market, the team behind Wicket Labs is setting out on a new mission to level the playing field for media companies in an arena where data and insights drive winning strategies.

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